Wrap your gifts with fabric this holiday season

The United States produces 4.6 million pounds of wrapping paper every year, and half of that—approximately 2.3 million pounds—winds up in landfills. If every American family wrapped just 3 presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields. By choosing reusable furoshiki wraps, you're contributing to the reduction of this staggering waste. Fabric wrapping is not only reusable but also prevents the need for tape or other disposable accessories, further minimizing waste.

  • It's sustainable

    Choosing reusable fabric gift wrapping is an excellent way to introduce eco-conscious traditions into your holiday celebrations. It sends a powerful message to your loved ones about the importance of sustainability and makes gift-giving even more meaningful.

  • It's beautiful

    Our furoshiki are lovingly designed by Japanese-American artist Keiko Kira. The playful prints are inspired by her childhood growing up in Japan and invoke the seasonal colors in nature, of cultural celebrations, and the beauty and craftsmanship of everyday items.

  • It's reusable

    Furoshiki is a gift that keeps on giving. After Christmas has come and gone, your loved ones are left with a wrap they can reuse in many ways throughout the year and use again next holiday season.

  • It's versatile

    Goodbye awkward wrap jobs. Skip the disposable gift bags and get creative with a furoshiki! Its versatility and nimbleness makes it perfect for wrapping even the oddest shapes and you won't need tape!

Learn to wrap your gifts

Watch our videos showcasing the many ways to wrap your gifts. We also share neat ideas on how you and your loved ones can reuse furoshiki all through the year.

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Download a gift tag

We want to make sure every recipient of a gift wrapped in a furoshiki can learn tips, tricks, and watch video tutorials to help them make the most of their gift.

Our downloadable tags include a space to write the recipient's name, the gifter's name, and include a QR code to a page with all our tutorials.

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