Custom Furoshiki & Corporate Gifting

Artist-designed, customized, and co-branded reusable fabric wrapping for your 2024 campaigns.

Why Furoshiki?

Custom branded furoshiki presents a unique and eco-friendly solution for companies looking to elevate their gifting campaigns, product launches, and holiday promotions. Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, not only embodies a sustainable and reusable approach to packaging but also serves as a canvas for brand expression.

  • Beautiful

    By incorporating custom designs, logos, or brand colors onto the furoshiki, companies can enhance their brand visibility and create a lasting impression.

  • Reusable

    No more disposable swag. We'll design a wrapping technique that shows off your products and teach your clients the many ways to reuse the furoshiki.

  • Sustainable

    The use of custom branded furoshiki aligns with eco-conscious consumer values, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability and reducing waste.

  • Affordable

    Our fee structure includes a one-time Design Fee if you need a print designed and then each furoshiki is as low as $3.70 USD per unit.

Our Services

As furoshiki experts, we'll help you:

  • Design a custom print that shows off your brand and looks good on reusable fabric wrapping.
  • Choose between recycled polyester, organic cotton, or silk.
  • Choose the size of your furoshiki based on your product offerings.
  • Design a few wrapping techniques that work with your products.
  • Help you select an appropriate size.
  • Coordinate manufacturing and delivery.
  • Optional: Create marketing and educational materials for your campaigns.

Who is This For?

Anyone with a marketing campaign, product launch, corporate gifting, or gift-with-purchase campaign can benefit from a custom, artist-designed fabric furoshiki. This includes:

  • Consumer packaged goods brands
  • Specialty shops
  • Businesses
  • Cosmetic brands
  • And more!

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