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Do You Give Furoshiki Back?

Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese cloth used for wrapping and carrying items, embodies elegance, versatility, and sustainability. Often, when gifted with an item wrapped in furoshiki, a common question is: "Should you return the furoshiki after receiving a gift?, "Do I give the furoshiki back to the person who gave it to me?, or even "Can I ask for the furoshiki back after I gift it?"

The Tradition

In Japanese culture, furoshiki symbolizes thoughtfulness, respect, and a sustainable approach to wrapping. It is considered part of the gifting experience, promoting the idea of reusability and reducing waste. Traditionally, recipients were expected to return the furoshiki to the giver after receiving a gift, continuing the cycle of reuse. In more modern times, in Japan, stores will wrap your items in their own furoshiki. Since these furoshiki are less sentimental and less expensive, they are typically gifted away with the gift without getting them back.

In our case, we encourage people to gift it away with instructions on how to then pass it on or reuse it. Whether you return the furoshiki or keep it, the important thing is it's being used!

Modern Practices

Over time, modern interpretations have evolved. While some still adhere to the tradition of returning the furoshiki, many consider it a part of the gift, allowing the recipient to keep and reuse it as they please. This shift aligns with global sustainability movements, encouraging the reuse of materials and reducing environmental impact. In fact, we created our own gift tags that you get with each order and can print at home. By adding this tag, you can share instructions with the recipient on how to rewrap the furoshiki for the next gift or they can learn how to reuse the furoshiki through the year if they choose not to regift it.


The decision to return or keep the furoshiki largely depends on the context and relationship. Understanding the giver's intent and preferences can guide this choice. If uncertain, it's acceptable to ask the giver for guidance or express gratitude while returning the furoshiki. In our experience, when bringing over a bottle of spirits or a covered dish, it's totally acceptable to take your furoshiki back. For presents, at a party or at Christmas for example, it's part of the gift.  


In some cases, givers may specifically design or choose a furoshiki to match the recipient's taste, making it a thoughtful addition to the gift. This personal touch might incline the receiver to keep the furoshiki as a cherished part of the present. Choose from one of our 8 artistic floral print furoshiki for your loved ones and watch them light up!

Sustainability and Reusability

With increasing environmental consciousness, furoshiki embodies sustainable gift-giving practices. Its reusability extends beyond gift wrapping; it can serve as a tote, scarf, home decor, or even as a stylish accessory. To learn all the ways to use your furoshiki, check out our furoshiki tutorials

Ultimately, the decision to return or retain the furoshiki after receiving a gift is influenced by personal preferences, cultural interpretations, and environmental values. Whether returning it to continue the tradition or keeping it for practical reuse, the essence of furoshiki lies in its ability to encapsulate the spirit of sustainability and thoughtfulness.

In conclusion, while the tradition of returning furoshiki exists, modern practices and environmental concerns have shaped a more flexible approach. Understanding the context, relationship, and environmental values can guide the decision, allowing both giver and receiver to honor the essence of furoshiki in their unique way.

Furoshiki, with its cultural significance and sustainable nature, continues to intertwine tradition with modernity, serving as a beautiful embodiment of thoughtful gifting and eco-friendly practices.

For more insights into furoshiki, sustainable practices, and meaningful gifting traditions, explore our other articles and embrace the art of mindful living.

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