Our New Gift Tags - Keiko Furoshiki

Our New Gift Tags

Introducing our new Keiko Furoshiki gift tags now shipping with every order! 🔖

Our regular furoshiki packaging is full of useful information on how to wrap your furoshiki. 🎁 But, we realize those instructions are not always easy to pass on when using a furoshiki to wrap a gift. That's why we created a gift tag with a QR code you can attach to your gift for your recipient to learn about how to wrap and reuse their furoshiki throughout the year.


AND we created a print-at-home version too! This file can be customized to print one or many gift tags depending on your needs. This means you can pass on the knowledge if you're reusing a furoshiki which we hope you are!

We also want to encourage everyone to use fabric to wrap their gifts, whether that's something they have at home already or thrift store scarves. By using our print-at-home tags, you can share our tutorials to keep the fabric circulating, whether that's one of our furoshiki or not! ♻️

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