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Our Furoshiki Now Only $19.50 USD

To our Keiko Furoshiki community,

As part of our ongoing commitment to making sustainable living accessible to everyone, we are excited to announce a significant price reduction on our beloved floral furoshiki products. Starting today, you can enjoy the elegance and versatility of our furoshiki for just USD $19.50 per unit! That's 35% discount on our inaugural price.

Why We're Reducing Prices

Our mission has always been to spread the beauty and eco-friendliness of reusable fabric gift wrapping to as many people as possible. We believe that sustainability should be affordable and accessible to all, and we've listened to your feedback.

When we launched, we were new to the market and quickly gathering data on our operation costs, wholesale margins, and advertising budgets. As a family-owned business, we're a lean operation and are so pleased to be able to pass on these savings to our customers. Thank you to everyone who supported us in the beginning and purchasing our furoshiki at full price.    

By reducing the price of our furoshiki products from $30 to an incredible $19.50 per unit, we are making it easier than ever for you to embrace sustainable living in your daily life. We want everyone to experience the joy of furoshiki and its endless possibilities for wrapping, carrying, and gifting.

The Same Quality, Now Even More Affordable

Rest assured, this price reduction does not compromise the quality or production practices of our furoshiki and our dedication to education in each box. You'll get the exact same furoshiki you've come to love, with a little moire wiggle room to stock up and give them away. 

Join Us on Our Sustainable Journey

We invite you to take advantage of this incredible price reduction and join us on our sustainable journey. Furoshiki is not just a piece of fabric; it's a symbol of eco-friendliness, versatility, and creativity. With these lower prices, you can now incorporate furoshiki into your daily life more easily than ever before. Plus, our discount of free US shipping on 3 furoshiki or more still applies!

Whether you're using furoshiki for gift wrapping, fashion, home decor, or as an eco-friendly alternative to disposable bags, we believe that your Keiko Furoshiki will bring a touch of elegance and sustainability to your world.

Get Your Furoshiki Today

Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to purchase furoshiki at the new price of $19.50 each.

Thank you for your continued support and for sharing our passion for sustainability. Together, we can make a positive impact on our planet, one beautifully wrapped gift at a time. 

Embrace the eco-friendly elegance of Keiko Furoshiki at our new, lower price and let your creativity flourish!

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