Keiko Furoshiki Just Launched on Grommet!

Keiko Furoshiki Just Launched on Grommet!

We're excited to announce that Keiko Furoshiki's reusable fabric gift wrap has just launched on Grommet! 

Grommet is a community-driven platform that features unique and innovative products from small businesses and entrepreneurs. As a member of our community, we would love your support in getting our products noticed by the millions of shoppers on Grommet.

We're calling on you to help us win “Product of the Week” on Grommet! You can help us by upvoting our product, liking our clips, and making a purchase (there’s even an exclusive discount for you!). 

We believe that with your support, we can make a big impact and share our mission with even more people.

Let's make our reusable gift wrap stand out on Grommet together!

Here’s the link to our page, please give us a “vote” to help us get featured on the “Trending” page!

 Keiko, Tyler, and Andrea


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