Join Us In Person at the Kansas City AANHPI Identity Festival

Join Us In Person at the Kansas City AANHPI Identity Festival

Keiko Furoshiki is doing its first ever pop-up fair on Saturday, May 11 at the AANHPI Identity Festival in Kansas City. 

Come meet us and see our prints in person while celebrating Kansas City's Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage at CPKC Stadium, home of the KC Current.

Held by Café Cà Phê, come enjoy delicious food, live music, performances, and over 90% all AANHPI Vendors!

Tickets required to attend, so don't forget to register!


About the Event

Join us for Kansas City's 3rd Annual AANHPI Heritage and Identity Festival: AANHPI Identity. A full day of vendors, food, and entertainment. 

An encore to last year’s AAPICONIC event in Columbus Park, AANHPI Identity will welcome 60+ largely AANHPI-owned small businesses, 10+ food vendors, and a packed lineup of all-star performers to answer the question: what makes us us? How does it look and feel to own, celebrate, cherish, and honor all the pieces that comprise who we are as AANHPI individuals? How do we not only embrace but celebrate proudly: our identity?

With over 90% of the Vendors, performers, and food trucks being Asian-owned, we are over the moon to continue to amplify the AANHPI narrative in the midwest year after year, this year on a bigger stage – at CPKC Stadium, home of the Kansas City Current, where inclusivity, diversity, and celebration of identity are not only welcomed but intentionally cultivated.

Vendors will include Made Mobb, Tips N Toes, and Babos shoes. Enjoy traditional and contemporary AANHPI performances from Trevor Turla Band, Lana Luxx, Three Trails Taiko, and more. Food will be served by GOCHEW, Ying’s Thai Food and Smoke n Seoul and many more.

AANHPI Identity is made possible due to the generous support of our sponsors:


CPKC Stadium, 64154


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