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Furoshiki Prints for Every Astrology Sign

Just for fun, we did a roundup of which Keiko Furoshiki print best matched each astrology sign. Please don't come for us on doubling up, we only have 8 prints (for now) 🙈.

♓️ Pisces
Print: Pastel Tulips

The feminine and melancholic feel of Pastel Tulips captures the elegance of the passage of time, resonating with Pisces' dreamy and intuitive nature. The print's representation of the tulip getting heavy and drooping into a shapely form aligns with Pisces' sensitivity to emotions and transitions.


♈️ Aries
Print: Narcissus

The vibrant yellow against the purple background reflects the energetic and bold nature of Aries, symbolizing the start of spring and the end of winter.

♒️ Aquarius
Print: Narcissus

The high-contrast print of Narcissus, with vibrant yellow against a purple background, resonates with Aquarius' unconventional and forward-thinking nature. The print's blend of sweetness and sophistication reflects Aquarius' unique and innovative perspective.

♎️ Libra
Print: Red Flowers

The whimsical and harmonious depiction of wildflowers facing the sun resonates with Libra's love for balance and beauty. The hand-drawn style adds a touch of artistry, reflecting Libra's artistic sensibilities.

♋️ Cancer
Print: Tulip on Water

Inspired by serene waters, this print aligns with Cancer's intuitive and emotional nature. The connection to personal roots and memories also resonates with Cancer's deep appreciation for family and heritage.


♑️ Capricorn
Print: Tulip on Water

The print's connection to personal roots and memories, inspired by serene waters, aligns with Capricorn's sense of tradition and respect for heritage. The motifs of French, Dutch, and Chinese ceramics also appeal to Capricorn's appreciation for craftsmanship and history.

♏️ Scorpio
Print: Black Sunflower

The vibrant yet rebellious nature of the Black Sunflower print aligns with Scorpio's intensity and desire for transformation. The high contrast and bold silhouette reflect Scorpio's mysterious and alluring qualities.

♌️ Leo
Print: Zinnia Flower

The bold and vibrant Zinnia Flower print matches Leo's confident and enthusiastic personality. The cheerful summer flowers against a lively backdrop capture Leo's love for the spotlight.


♐️ Sagittarius
Print: Zinnia Flower

The bold and vibrant Zinnia Flower print, featuring happy summer flowers against a lively backdrop, resonates with Sagittarius' adventurous and optimistic spirit. The print's cheerful and free-spirited nature reflects the enthusiasm and joy associated with Sagittarius.

♊️ Gemini
Print: White Tulip

The seemingly random motif and cheeky take on the elegant tulip resonate with Gemini's playful and adaptable nature. The incorporation of hand-drawn gold rings reflects Gemini's appreciation for versatility and communication.

♍️ Virgo
Print: White Camellia

The meticulous and detailed nature of Virgo aligns with the traditional yet modern appeal of the White Camellia print. The conventional and whimsical camellia shapes, symbolizing purity and beauty, resonate with Virgo's appreciation for precision and elegance. The blend of tradition and modernity in this print reflects Virgo's analytical and refined sensibilities.


♉️ Taurus
Print: White Camellia

The traditional yet modern appeal of the White Camellia resonates with Taurus' appreciation for beauty and stability. Camellias, associated with purity, align with Taurus' love for all things elegant and enduring.

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