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Buy Keiko Furoshiki Wholesale on Bulletin

We are thrilled to announce Keiko Furoshiki is now available for wholesale on Bulletin, a revolutionary marketplace designed for retailers and brands to build meaningful wholesale relationships.

Just in time for the ramp up to the holiday season, our wholesale offering will help us reach more consumers in the US and Canada and give retailers a mutually beneficial way to carry sustainable gift wrap.

Bulletin makes it super easy to shop multiple brands and products without line-sheets or emails back-and-forth!

They also offers:

1. Net-60 payment terms for qualified retailers. You have two months to sell my items before worrying about the wholesale invoice!

2. Direct Messaging between brands and retailers so we can keep our transaction history and conversations all in the same place.

3. White glove customer service. Whether you need recommendations for new brands or products or troubleshooting of any kind, they're here to help.

4. $150 off your first order of at least $300 with code PARTNER150. Simply apply this promo code at checkout to capture the discount after signing up with our link.

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Why We Chose Bulletin

Our journey with Bulletin is rooted in shared values and a passion for sustainability. We believe that our partnership with Bulletin aligns perfectly with our mission to make sustainable living accessible to everyone.

Bulletin is on a mission to transform the way brands and retailers do business together, creating a more diverse, sustainable, and accessible retail industry. This mission deeply resonates with us at Keiko Furoshiki. Here's why:

Sustainability at the Core:

Bulletin is committed to sustainability, and so are we. At Keiko Furoshiki, we take pride in creating eco-friendly furoshiki products that promote a more sustainable lifestyle. Bulletin's commitment to sustainability aligns perfectly with our values, as it provides a platform for brands like us to reach a wider audience of environmentally conscious consumers.

Accessibility for All:

Bulletin's vision of creating a more accessible retail industry is something we wholeheartedly support. We believe that sustainable living should not be limited to a select few. By partnering with Bulletin, we can ensure that our Furoshiki products are more accessible to retailers and consumers alike, making it easier for everyone to embrace eco-conscious living.

Building Meaningful Relationships:

Just as furoshiki is about wrapping and connecting, Bulletin is about building meaningful relationships between brands and retailers. We are excited about the opportunity to connect with retailers who share our passion for sustainability and our love for furoshiki. This partnership allows us to expand our reach and build new relationships with like-minded businesses.

Explore Keiko Furoshiki Wholesale on Bulletin

We invite retailers and brands to explore our furoshiki wholesale offerings on Bulletin. Our furoshiki products are not just versatile and eco-friendly; they are also a unique addition to any retail store. Whether you're looking to stock our products for eco-conscious consumers or simply want to add a touch of Japanese tradition to your store, we have the perfect alternative gift wrap solution for you.

We are excited about the possibilities that our partnership with Bulletin brings, and we can't wait to embark on this journey of sustainability and connection with retailers who share our values.

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