Keiko Furoshiki Featured in the 2024 Golden Planning Guide - Keiko Furoshiki

Keiko Furoshiki Featured in the 2024 Golden Planning Guide

We're so pleased to share that Keiko Furoshiki is featured in this year's Golden Planning Guide, a digital guide featuring small businesses, vendors, and voices to enhance business-to-business connections. It's designed to foster collaborations and is a celebration of Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) communities.

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Joining our Fellow AANHPI Small Businesses 

At Keiko Furoshiki, we've always believed in the power of connections and the beauty of shared experiences which is why we're thrilled to collaborate with the Golden Guide—a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to building knowledge, fostering connection, and uplifting AANHPI communities worldwide.

A Shared Vision of Belonging

The mission of Golden Guide, resonating so closely with our own values, is nothing short of inspiring. To connect, support, and uplift AANHPI communities—this mission aligns perfectly with the essence of Keiko Furoshiki. We wholeheartedly share the vision of modeling a community filled with collaborative, welcoming spaces, places of belonging, and unwavering support for one another.

To the incredible team behind Golden Guide, we extend our deepest gratitude for welcoming Keiko Furoshiki into the community. Their tireless efforts in building knowledge, fostering connections, and creating collaborative spaces have not only inspired us but have also created a platform where our mission can resonate with a broader audience.

A Peek into the Golden Guide's Publications and Events

For those of you curious to explore the Golden Guide's offerings, let me share a glimpse of what they do:

1. Discovery Guides: Hand-curated guides to makers markets, film festivals, national events, and more. A treasure trove of opportunities waiting to be explored.

2. Golden Planning Guide: Creating more opportunities to discover and collaborate for those eager to work together—a vision that aligns seamlessly with our own collaborative spirit at Keiko Furoshiki.

3. AAPI Gift Guide: Driving discovery and support for AANHPI-owned businesses and makers, not just during the holiday season but year-round.

4. Golden Guide: A searchable, contextual database of AANHPI businesses, nonprofits, community groups, restaurants, and more. A valuable resource currently under construction, and we can't wait to see the amazing features it will offer.

5. Community Event Calendar: Your guide to things to do, weekly meetups, ways to get involved, and give back—a vibrant hub for AANHPI communities every day.

Go give it a look and remember the Golden Guide next time you are sourcing vendors! 

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